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Nutrition It is very important to understand the fundamentals of nutrition for your pet. Making sure that there is a good balance of water, proteins,fats,vitamins and minerals is very crucial to your canines health.
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Behavioural changes in spaying or neutering your dog. Common long term consequences in spaying or neutering your dog is weight gain. Switching to a lower calorie diet once your dog is fully grown would solve this issue. Behaviour issues are usually positive if the surgery was performed at a young age. Make dogs may become…
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How can I stop my dog from being destructive?

Furniture, shoes and even drywall can be a target for your fur kid to destroy when your dog is left alone. Tips for stopping destructive behaviour are. Lack of appropriate chew toys- make sure your Pet have plenty of safe toys they can chew on when left alone. Some good toys are Kongs, Nylabones and…
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Preparing for your puppies first winter

For many owners and their pets, winter is a time for fun outdoor activities. However puppies require extra care during their first winter. Here are some simple steps to prepare your pup for the cold weather. Warm Coat Unless your pup is a northern bread, such as a huskey etc, your dog may require extra…
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