Behavioural changes in spaying or neutering your dog.
Common long term consequences in spaying or neutering your dog is weight gain. Switching to a lower calorie diet once your dog is fully grown would solve this issue. Behaviour issues are usually positive if the surgery was performed at a young age. Make dogs may become less aggressive.Overall most dogs may calm down over a few months, while others may take a bit longer.

It is very important to understand the fundamentals of nutrition for your pet. Making sure that there is a good balance of water, proteins,fats,vitamins and minerals is very crucial to your canines health.

Training is a very important part of your dogs well being. Teaching limitations and boundaries will create a well rounded dog with good manners. Here are the top 4 commands that are most important for your pet to learn.

  • Stay
  • Sit
  • leave it
  • Recall (Come)

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