Preparing for your puppies first winter

For many owners and their pets, winter is a time for fun outdoor activities. However puppies require extra care during their first winter. Here are some simple steps to prepare your pup for the cold weather.

Warm Coat

Unless your pup is a northern bread, such as a huskey etc, your dog may require extra protection from the cold.

Paw Balm

Moisturizing your pets feet will keep your pup comfortable in the middle of the winter when conditions are extremely cold.

Careful grooming

Brushing your pets coat will stimulate blood circulation and remove dead fur. Not bathing your pup too often in the winter will also keeps the oils in their fur and prevent dry skin.

Trimming your dogs nails

A way to know if it's time to clip fido's  nails is if you can hear their nails clicking on a hard wood surface.

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